About CES

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About CES

Welcome to Camp Education Society

Camp Education Society, Pune-01.

Camp Education Society was established in 1885 by few social workers from different walks of life. Among them prominently the late Shri. Rajanna Lingoo Polas, the late Shri. Balkrishna Sayanna Motado. The efforts of these leading men were solemnly blessed by the great social leader the late Mahatma Phule. 1980-2002 was a period during which the Camp Education Society bloomed and flourished under the skillful guidance of Chairman Late Hon. Shri. Dr. Arvind B. Telang and Hon. Shri. W. D. Sancheti for over 2 decades. Camp Education Society has strength of over 15,000 students.

Camp Education Society was started with sole motto, to provide high quality education to children of masses at affordable price. Having a large percentage of young people with higher education. Thus making India the land of highly qualified & skilled people.

Thus the seed was sown for evergreen tree of education, under the shade of which thousands of boys and girls received drops of nectar of good educational horizon of pune.

So we provide educaion to develop a good character, to develop a good human being, which enables them to become independent with self confidence. M.B.A. was started in the year 2012 under the leadership of Hon. Shri. Walchand D. Sancheti.